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Our specialty: scan-to-avatar

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3D scan
Creation of a bust scan, using a 3D-scan capable mobile device
Avatar creation
Uraniom inserts this head-scan to a full-body avatar
Uraniom inserts this character into digital contents
Avatars like native assets
Do NOT change anything. We follow the specs of your native characters.
Facial rigging
Facial animation using bones or blendshapes.
Retrieve the avatars easily from our cloud platform.
In the same range of your current assets. No performance issues.
Respected artistic direction
We use character bodies and clothes you are already comfortable with.
Ready for production.
Use our tech to create original characters and drastically reduce the workload of your 3D artists.
Compatible with Intel Realsense equiped devices.
Pioneers explain why it matters
"Choosing an avatar that doesn't look like you when I do know what you look like [...], it's harder to interact with you. Voices in VR, June 2016
Philip Rosedale
Founder of Second Life & Co-founder of High Fidelity
"Although avatars are usually construed as something of our own choosing —a one-way process— the fact is that our avatars come to change how we behave." The Proteus Effect, 2007
Nick Yee & Jeremy Bailenson
Virtual Human Interaction Lab - Stanford University